25th February 2010
Morgan-Brinkhurst Consultancy create press release for Ralph Allen Press to announce two new developments.


Ralph Allen Press announce two developments that broaden the options they can offer to all their customers, delivering higher quality, more speed and extra value.

Jason Hindle MD of Ralph Allen Press with new Digi Printer

Jason Hindle, the MD of Ralph Allen Press with new Digi Printer

  • Ralph Allen Press now offers the option of digital printing. They can meet those short-run quick turnaround demands, at a quality and a price that may surprise you.
  • Their new CTP (Computer to Plate system) delivers even more accurate plates, faster than ever before. Top quality print guaranteed – and it’s environmentally friendly too!

In 2006 the company relocated to a larger premises in Locksbrook Road, from their factory in Milk Street. The newer premises allowed for the natural growth of Ralph Allen Press and gained a breathing space to accommodate the increased workload, accumulated over their years of growth, to the company's size today.
Ralph Allen still use their Heidleberg Cylinder, that would have been state-of-the-art, back in the 1960's. With the outstanding quality that this piece of equipment can achieve, we still utilize this magnificent machine into our everyday working practice as well as up to date state of the ark machinery.

Jason Hindle (MD) said "We are a commercial printer who continually invest in both our people and in state-of-the-art technology to ensure we remain competitive and at the leading edge of our industry we are extremely pleased to have recently purchased this new piece of printing equipment. Our service begins with a client’s concept and is then expertly managed through the processes of pre-press and print, to its final delivery, with the client kept fully informed of every stage of the process."

"I worked for Ralph Allen for nearly 25 years before taking up the opportunity to purchase the company, I am very proud of my association with Ralph Allen Press, we have a dedicated team of staff many who have worked for us for between 10 to 30 years. We are pleased that we can provide a service to our customers from small to large print runs, we also pride ourselves on our personal service and being able to print in house which we know is appreciate by our clients to know that they can receive their order quickly and efficiently.

About the new printer:
Any print professional will tell you that for quality, reliability and cost effectiveness over a certain volume of copies, you can’t beat the precision of litho. You only have to catch a glimpse of one of our Ryobi presses in action to see that they mean business. But don’t be fooled into thinking that there’s anything old fashioned about litho. Manufacturers are constantly striving to improve quality, and we reckon we’ve made one of our shrewdest investments by bringing in a new Computer To Plate (CTP) system. The Screen PlaterRite Micra links directly with our studio to deliver outstanding quality plates, with less hanging around. And when we say quality, we mean it. Plates from the new machine will hold and reproduce a 1% dot, right through to a 98% dot. That’s a visible improvement over our previous machines (and they were state of the art in their day!).

The Trueflow workflow software that links the machine to our studio output means every job can be prioritised and monitored at every stage, which helps projects to progress smoothly time after time.

And the benefits don’t stop there. CTP systems use nasty chemicals to etch plates, right? Well the new machine drinks nothing more noxious than a form of washing up liquid. All of which helps Ralph Allen Press to reduce the environmental impact of all our customers…

For short runs and quick turnaround, digital print has always been a low-cost option, but sometimes at the expense of quality. Not any more – we reckon the latest digital technology is so good you’d be hard pressed to tell the difference, and we can now print on many of the papers and boards that we regularly use on our litho presses.

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