20th January 2010
The launch of Bath's newest festival, The Sweetland Music Festival, takes place on 21st January at St. Michaels Church Bath.

The Sweetland Music Festival will take place in Bath from the 18th to the 25th September and is being organised by Angela and Simon Calvert-Jones with support from Morgan-Brinkhurst Consultancy.

We are pleased to announce that local businesses Great Western Wine and The Darling Deli are supporting the launch reception and have also pledged to support the hospitality and VIP receptions during the festival 's week.

Angela and ? in front of The Darling Deli
Angela and Sarah Britton in front of The Darling Deli

Angela Calvert-Jones said " We are extremely grateful to Great Western Wine and The Darling Deli for their fabulous support and to Loraine and the Team at Morgan-Brinkhurst Consultancy who have come on board to assist us with the preparations for the Sweetland Music Festival".

Angela and ? at Great Western Wine
Richard and Angela at Great Western Wine

"The festival is going to be an enjoyable week of music, song and also featuring an exhibition of Bath's Greatest Citizens including my great grandfather William Sweetland. If anyone would like to know more about the festival, how to buy tickets or how to support the festival then please call Morgan-Brinkhurst Consultancy who will be able to assist you".

Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst said " I was delighted when Angela contacted me and asked if I could help her with the launch event and also give her support with the festival planning, it is wonderful to be able to be part of this wonderful festival which we know will compliment all the other festivals that take place in the City of Bath. The festival will be offering a wonderful mix of music, something for everybody".

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The 2010 festival is pleased to be supporting Dorothy House and the Forever Friends Appealnicu_logo.JPG (24296 bytes)

For more information about the festival, please contact Loraine and the Team, details on the contacts page.


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